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by Chokehold

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One Scream 01:31
Witness your own death!!!
Your smoke fills the room and I am forced to leave What gives you the right to contaminate the air I breathe You say it’s your choice and I should just agree Well I got news for you, that’s not the way it’s going to be You ask me why I care, You ask me for a fucking answer While your clouds of toxic smoke are giving the innocent cancer You are guilty of second hand murder
Since the beginning of time we’ve learned to profit from exploitation We never give it two thoughts about the pain we cause them For our salvation? From the factories of imprisonment To the “O” so innocent meal placed on your plate We must try to end this oppression of the land and Animals Before it’s late. Trapped behind the cages forced to suffer for human insight Or are they trapped there because one fucking person things it is right? Why are humans so fucking cruel, I often ask myself how Time to open your goddamn eyes cause this shit is gonna end right NOW! 100 years of oppression and what have I seen, just the endless pain caused By us selfish human beings. Enforced by the media we’re made to think it’s right and because of your fucking Ignorance animals lose their lives. No more fucking hiding it, I know the plain truth, how your gonna feel their pain As I let my anger loose.
When music becomes a dollar sign or is reduced to the top 40 charts Then we know it’s lost it’s purpose and it’s not right from the heart Do It Yourself or Don’t Do It All! Digging with their greedy fingers they try to exploit the music That stayed underground and manages to stick around Their capitalist corporate scheme that so many buy when they have nothing more Than money in their eyes. They try to make it profit when it means nothing more than how many glossy Posters sell in the fucking record stores.
Manly Pride 01:23
More than just a body there’s a person inside not just another play toy or a fucking horse to ride. Grow up your womanizer and show a little respect. They’re not a piece of meat for you to inspect. Set aside your ignorance! A life of lies is all you lead. You go by what’s on the TV and the falseness you read All I ask is that you give respect a try and give up your manly pride.
Insecurities 01:11
You think you're always right Can only prove it through a fight You're insecure and paranoid, Look at the friendships you've destroyed Living behind all your lies Dressing up in your disguise Playing games, tell me your stories Wasting my time with bullshit glory INSECURITY - a fantasy in your mind INSECURITY - brain fueled with false pride Thinking you're surrounded by all you good friends, inside you know you'll be alone in the end. Degrading days will one day have to cease, Can't you see our friendship is up for lease. One track mind never wanting to be open. One day you'll be able to see the light. This is all we're hoping
Enuff 03:14
Said you’d be true till the end man Should have known you were just talking shit Never around when the chips are down Always around when things are going our way I guess we’re the ones to blame for accepting you Well the next time don’t show your face Cause we’ve wised up to your fucking games and we’ve had enough Enough we’ve had enough! What made you fall? You’re the one who started it all Now you’ve got your new friends so you just leave us behind I’m afraid of what the future holds for you I can’t believe the things you said were lies The camouflage you wore was so damn convincing I know you’ll come back again looking for forgiveness But this time we’re turning our backs and never looking back
Without You 01:50
Won't Change 01:26
Anchor 03:30
You won't be my guiding light in this world gone mad I don't need fairy tales to lean on You manipulate the mind that still has to learn Replace their thoughts with bullshit Deception burns You present yourself as caring but I can see right through Slavery and mind control is all you quest for I won't fall. I won't fall in your group in need of something to hold I've got my mind and it's thoughts are only mine I need no religion to prove I exist Only room for my mind to learn and tell me what's right Not no fictitious male being, not no sexist book of lies I never needed a crutch to make me strong or to hold on to my beliefs And I'd never turn to such a fucking lie I'd never be that weak
Kill Me 02:50
I say it’s time to face the fact I shouldn’t have to place my life in your hands Greed runs as thick as blood And on this choice I’ll stand It’s about respect and it works two ways The unspoken always lose You’ve made this a war, it’s obvious which side you’ll choose My right to breathe is stolen away Choking on your smoke I gasp for air Words have lost their effect Action is clear I leave the room defeated again Trying to Breathe – KILL ME Trying to Live – KILL ME
untie me I can't be held back anymore building up inside all out war shade of red on everything I see no telling what could happen if you fuck with me more than ever it's becoming clear that my hate for you is a fucking obsession I wish I could look the other way I've tried so hard to ignore you but you kept coming back to time has come to attack
I’m tired of trying to get my point across no one ever listens no one even cares even if nothing changes I know deep inside that my thoughts my hopes are what keep me satisfied the bright side has faded to almost total black relying on others to do the work won’t help because together we are strong and divided we are sure to fall take in a bit of reality and maybe you’ll see we cant go on like this or we will be gone it’s hard, I know but the change has to be made CAUGHT TRAPPED NO ESCAPE never will I give in
you think you got me pinned down you think you know me like the back of your hand you think I'm that weak that I will fall into your scam sell your product by exploiting women a sales catch for only the blind targeting people’s addiction sell a product that eats away at their mind I don't know why you think some people are less human you use them to make a sale your sexist and your racist advertisements are becoming very stale you can't get through you won’t get through no you'll never get through you can't break me billboards sell the lie their bottom line is do or die drink up and don't forget that your addiction is their paycheck glamorize the poison that they’re trying to sell make it seem like it's heaven but it's really fucking hell


released January 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Chokehold Hamilton, Ontario

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