Just The Tip

by Chokehold

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Debut demo titled "Just the Tip"


released April 27, 2014

Written, recorded, and produced by Chokehold
Mixed and mastered by Anthony Viscusi



all rights reserved


Chokehold Crestview, Florida

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Track Name: Get Back...
My name is Chokehold, and I'm the lady strangler.
Find the perfect woman, take her out and fuckin mangle her.
Wrap her up in barbed wire, rope her up, then I'll dangle her
above a pack of wolves so they can circle and entangle her.
You can find me playing chess with the devil.
Niggas sleepin 6 feet deep to get on my level.
Screaming abacabb like the mk blood code,
you'll be deep throating buck shot when it unloads.
You're the type a nigga that would try to drop the soap bitch.
I'm the type of nigga that will cut your fuckin throat bitch.
You're the type of nigga that would suck a hundred dicks bitch.
I'm the type of nigga scratching names off my hit list.
If this is what you want then faggot I'll oblige,
bang your head against the floor while I'm gouging out your eyes.
I'm Screaming like a banshee with your blood on my face,
blood spews into my mouth and I like the way it tastes.
I'm a different breed of evil, I'm a different brand of hate.
I use a dead body when I need to masturbate
I never pull out, I always come inside.
Just remember that she won't get pregnant if the cunt dies.
Sold my soul to the devil, cut his throat, and took it back.
His blood flowed faster than my verses on this track.
He's twitching like a new born baby on crack.
His body dropped harder than the bombs in Iraq.
Quit flapping your mouth about a wallet made of gold,
nobody gives a fuck about the albums you've sold.
Oh, you have the media with their hand on your dick?
Your shitty ass beats and your swag makes me sick
Enough about that I got some other shit to say.
Like..how do I not kill a motherfucker everyday?
I swear to fucking god I hate whole the human race.
I hope the sun burns out and we float off into space.
I think about hurting people more than I should.
They will think I am crazy or misunderstood.
Who the fuck knows? I don't give a fuck.
Next pussy in line to piss me off gets stuck.
Hey yo faggot, you're the problem..
I brought couple fists so we could solve em.
Why do all these bitches just wanna talk shit?
When I know that pussy's soft and afraid to get hit.

A lot of mother fuckers wanna talk about their gold chains,
diamond rings, bitches, fancy cars and their bling bling.
I'm over here like.. wish a nigga would,
wish a nigga could have more than a wet dream
I'm getting pissed off telling motherfuckers they should get back...
get back nigga

Desecrate the statue of your god above
and throw a middle finger to his endless love.
I think its all bullshit, I won't buy the lies.
You think an angels born every time a baby dies?
How come he's never there when a girl is getting raped?
while some sick little fuck gets it all on tape?
How come he isn't there to stop hunger and hatred?
Like fucking your first time, you can tell they faked it.
If Mary was a virgin, God was guilty of rape.
There are far worse sins than eating apples and grapes.
More than half the world lives their life by a lie,
you'll believe anything for a kingdom in the sky.
Just know that your wrong and the devil is your doubt.
Silver tongues on the television fill you up and spill you out.
We're forced to believe its about making cash,
writing stupid fuckin' songs about cars and getting ass.
I Think we should stack it up and burn it in the streets ,
with the speakers in the trunk blasting 'Fuck The Police'.
Keep your mouth shut cause I'm going unstable
and Fuck selling out just to sign to a label.
I hate everything and I show it on my face,
if I catch you on my block then your in the wrong place,
at the right time cause killings on my mind.
I can slice you into pieces for your kids to find.
I could leave your loved ones with a broken heart.
Come back to your funeral and tear them all apart.
All I see is darkness, I'm fucked in the head.
I am doing all the things that I thought God said.
A demon comes out and he takes my soul,
he has a mic and my spirit in full control.
I question what I've done and I have no regrets,
so get swallowed in pit like you're Boba Fett.

Now I'll take this time to tell you how I really feel.
I could break your fucking neck, call the devil, and make a deal .
I would ask him for a favor, trade my soul for your life,
spend a thousand years cutting you until I broke my knife.
Look around you bitch , do you think that I am done?
I'm gonna throat fuck you with the end of this gun.
I'm knocking out teeth but I am trying my best.
My finger taps the trigger and makes a ol' mess.
Track Name: Nightmare
I'm a nasty motherfucker,I put my dick in the dead.
Getting' deep throated from your mom's severed head.
Come on bitch did you really think I was sane?
Use a butter knife to cut some holes in you and slice your veins.
I can watch your blood drain,while I strain to maintain my erection
while I beat my dick and leave you cumstained.
Cut you into tiny pieces, bag you up, and wrap em tight
throw you in the trunk,find a bridge and dump you late at night.
You faggots act tough, you don't know what I'm all about.
I will cut your fucking throat, drink the blood and rip your tongue out.
Then I'll get naked, dance around in your entrails.
I apologize I will spare you details.
My lyrics will slaughter.. they hit a lot harder
than finding out your first born is mentally retarded.
I'm your worst nightmare, a little bit twisted,
like finding your kid in the tub with their wrists slit.

Wake up motherfucker
gonna haunt your dreams
ruin your life motherfucker
No one hears you scream
I'm a creep motherfucker
rippin' thoughts out your brain
Does it hurt motherfucker
is it driving you insane?
I'm a curse motherfucker
so fuck you
Im killing motherfuckers
just like you
The nightmare motherfucker
will take you
Sell you to the devil in his lair and let him rape you.

Catchin' vocal sickness, trying not to be vague.
Gotcha ya throwing up intestines like the second black plague.
Getting pissed off like I'm dodging golden showers,
like those bigots wearing hoods that keep screaming white power.
I got these violent thoughts that keep on running through my head.
Holding back this sudden urge to make a nigga dead.
"Did you say the 'n' word? Do you know you're white?"
Yea I was hoping you'd get pissed and maybe start a fight.
As if you couldn't tell I don't give a flying fuck.
Hanging with your girl, kicking back about to get my dick sucked.
The jokes on me though I swear it's my luck.
She kinda looks like a fuckin dude with his dick tucked.
I have hatred in my mind, you could say that I'm pissed,
face fuck your face pussy, elbow deep with my fist.
I told you not to fuck with me. I'm the sith master.
Leave you amputated, fuck your stump, I'm a bastard.

You could say I'm crazy even coo coo for the cocoa puffs.
I can tell you're tired bitch, but I haven't had enough.
When I lose my shit it's like "what the fuck is wrong with him?"
Open up your chest, take a shit, then remove your limbs .
Hey I brought a knife, wanna see what it can do?
Take a swing at your face, cut your lips, and broke a tooth.
I told you I was nasty, I'm a real fucking freak.
Hold the blade against your wrists 'oops' it sprung a fuckin leak.
It won't stop bleeding, calm down, it's gonna be ok..
I could never let you go, woulda killed you anyway.
I know that I said i was gonna let you live,
I was trying to make this verse just a little positive.
I keep popping in and out of this reality,
where the person I'm beating half to death looks just like me.
The nightmare is real, so wake the fuck up
or I'll pull a Vin Diesel, kill you with a tea cup.

I am where God sends angels to die
The reason dead bodies will fall from the sky
I am the fire that burns down your house
I give you my dick to put in your mouth
I am the devil, his son, and your sins
I was the beginning and now I'm the end
I am the dreams that your children have feared
I am the thoughts creeping into your ears
The only true pain is what I provide
I am name of the soldiers who've died
The vision I see are those of the dead
I am the bullet that removes your head
I am behind your governments lies
I am the reason that old people die
I am the cause of infinite glares
I can be found in your nightmares….
Track Name: Take Your Life Music
I'm vicious and malicious, and I'm burning crucifixes.
The black cat on your grave making children superstitious.
I am the djin who misinterpretates all your greatest wishes.
I got your girlfriend in my kitchen dripping semen, washin dishes,
and I didn't wear a condom so that's why her pussy itches,
and she still calls me back cause she thinks that I'm delicious.
She didn't learn the first time that bitches getting stitches,
and I might have made this verse  just a bit too repetitious

I'm the angel of death and I am here to collect.
I will piss on your grave to show my lack of respect.
Marching with a mob to the sound of the beat,
with the heads of politicians laying severed in the street.
When you get pissed, you take a swing and its a miss,
I rebuttal this debate with bloody knuckles on my fist.

Call it hip hop with a little bit of hate
Got machetes in our hands when we storm heaven's gates
Call it hip hop with a well hidden blade
Cut your throat in a crowd drop the knife and walk away
Call it hip hop with venom in its veins
It would take the rain man to piece together your remains
Call it hip hop when the mood is feelin' right
When everywhere you go you start a motherfucking fight
Call it hip hop you can find it on the streets
from real motherfuckers that produce their own beats
Call it hip hop when the world makes you sick
when you're fighting motherfuckers and you hit em with a brick
Call it hip hop with violence in the mix
Turn down all the punches now you only hear the kicks
Smashing in your ribcage stomping on your jaw
This is hip hop and you know I like it raw

This is for the kids who wear bulletproof vests
under trench coats in your class while their taking tests.
I know they make you nervous cause you don't understand
why they act a little weird, jamming songs in a band.
They're a little weird', so fucking what?
Keep talking that shit and mothafuckers get cut!
Music ain't to blame its your stupid ass kid,
pushing people to far and then they wonder what they did.
People got their limits and you must have hit the top.
Bodies drop and you wanna blame the metal and the hip hop.
Fact of the matter as my words hit and scatter,
like a glass getting shattered we ain't never gonna stop.
This is how it goes with these lyrical flows,
running faster than the blood from a broken nose.
You don't have to like me, I don't give a dick.
I'll put anthrax in your mailbox and you'll probably get sick.
I will burn your house down with the fire that I spit,
then I'll snort the anthrax off a dead hooker tits.
Catch the sounds of you screaming and put it in the mix.
you bet your ass I'll win this game cause I paid to have it fixed.
If you try to stop the beat I will penetrate your face.
Slap you so hard you lose your teeth and sense of taste.
So keep your mouth shut if you don't like what what you hear,
or we'll come to take the life of the ones you hold dear.
This our music and its here to fuckin' stay,
so talk all your shit, lose your head and drop some weight.
You know what? Fuck it I'm too fuckin baked.
I am done rapping on this shit I got more beats to make