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Good Fight

With This Thread I Hold On

by Chokehold

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released April 19, 2019

Recorded at Watchmen Studios by Doug White

Matt Beckman - Drums
Josh Fletcher - Guitars and Bass
Chris Logan - Vocals

Art and design by Chris Smith for Grey Aria Design Studio, Pittsburgh PA


all rights reserved


Track Name: 2.0
Here we are at the start again, Stagnant once more.
No movement forward. Arms crossed eyes blank are you still there?
You live your life in the comments section
Content to destroy from within
Echo chamber that weakens our power
Blank faces that say I've heard this before.

We can no longer engage
Without placing blame or fake outrage

We've just become Each other's worst enemy
Sharing ideas is not welcome here any longer
We would rather attack than have each other's back
It can be better than this, is this how we want it to be?

We can no longer engage
Without placing blame or fake outrage

Stop our movement from going backward
Smash the hive. Smash the hive
More useless preaching to the converted choir
Destroy the divide. Smash the hive
We need to make this dangerous again
And Take our ideas outside of our walls
No more us vs us it’s us vs them
We need to make this dangerous again
No more us vs. Us - It’s us vs. Them
Track Name: Threads
Once again with the gun in my hand, pull the top and down it goes
I escaped this hole years ago now I’m looking out from the bottom
These aren’t mistakes but the choices I have made
I have regrets about the choices I’ve made

I can’t take another day
Living in this mental haze
Not another fucking day
I wish I had any sort of strength
sick and depressed and life seems like a chore
I’m not sure I can give any more
I don’t know if I know another way out

I fill my head with endless excuses and lies
One more day I need to forget, another night I need to slip away
I keep thinking that I’m better than this
But I know I’m just tired and weak

You saved me before. Can you save me again?
I can’t take another day
It’s in my blood but not in my heart
My curse that I can’t push away

You saved me once before, can you save me again
Track Name: Profit Over People
Diagnosed for another pill
Our Deaths for profit off of your ill will
One more friend one more family member
Another dollar for the corporate doctor
Here's a sample lets hope you get hooked
Here's your cure and the side effects book

I can't lose another friend
I won't lose another friend

To the Icy grip of prescription death
To the dead stacked below the profit margin
Legalized drug dealers in white coats
A gateway to a world of hurt
A chain reaction to another script
Another addict at your disposal

I can’t lose another friend
I wont lost another friend

One more empty shell drained of life
A fucking ghost of what you used to be
Another family ripped to pieces
Another loved one taken away

I tried to help
Maybe I walked away to soon
Maybe I was weaker than you
You just wanted help and all you got was a prescription death.

Drug dealers in white coats
Track Name: G.O.D.
Banker backed wars
Pushing global agendas
Smoke and mirrors disguise artificial conflict and lies

Dirty fucking rats
Media altered reality
Gold oil drugs
GOD money god

Occupation of foreign lands
Devastation systematic elimination
In order to acquire the resources we desire

Feed it, we'll eat it
Shove it down our throats

Teach it, we'll learn
Indoctrinate our soul

Deceive us, mislead us
Wrapped in the empires cloak

Corporations calling the shots
Drones are making the kills
Bankers are reaping the spoils
Humanity is paying the costs

Gold - Oil - Drugs - God
Track Name: Silenced
How did we get here?
Where the victims are shamed and the
Criminals are voted in.
Bravery rewarded with a lifetime of blame
A lifetime of inner fears and doubt
And how can we ask why you kept your silence?
How dare we ask why you kept your silence

Why can't we believe you?
A smear campaign to find the lie
Perpetrators cast as heroes
And we question privilege over truth
I'm sorry they can't believe you
Your rights are on trial
Victims treated like the enemy
We have to kill this culture

Burn down their fucking world
With your truth. And With their lies
Burn down their fucking world
Set fire to their version of the truth
Time to flip the script and make them pay
Flip the script and make the motherfuckers pay
Track Name: No Shelter
Better life? I want that for you but we are too ignorant and entitled to let that happen
You have sacrificed everything and we have given nothing
Hateful rhetoric about walls that don't mean shit

Where is our compassion where is our love for those in need
Terrified children disposed of in camps like human trash
Parents arrested and interrogated for their sacrifice

What the fuck have we become?
Stop this war
Fuck your walls and fuck your borders
Stop this war on the people.

What the fuck have we become
When we can turn away families in need
When we put children in cages
Are we trying to protect the fucking land we stole
Free from Persecution
Free from poverty
Your so safe in your own little world
And from the wars and the horrors that you see between your shows on the tv
Track Name: Instilled
You close my eyes to any ideas but your own
Keep me deaf to the sound of revolution
Tie my hands from achieving my freedom
You want my brain to think only my thoughts
What are you doing to break the cycle?
Talking drunk and inhaling their lies?
Are you abstaining and staying stupid?
Either way were still left behind

Close my eyes. Keep Me Deaf. Instilled.

So tell me how can they be your actions
When it's their ideals that fill your head
These thought are instilled upon us all
And were told freedom is being lead
When in reality freedom will only come
When we realize who the fuck is really in control

How can they be your actions
When it's their ideas that fill your head?
Track Name: Underneath
Deceitful is all you've been,
Tear away at the false uncaring skins
Corporations with bloody hands
Is what lays underneath the lies you sold,
The lies you told
The blind leading the blind
In a war against non existent enemies
While you hide under your greed soaked camouflage
Your corporate camouflage
Now you walk a separate path,
Now you're the puppet
You're one of them, I see your strings

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